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Property Management

  • Real Estate is a complex endeavor that commits the investment of large sums of money for long periods of time. Financial markets; investment and taxation standards and regulations; environmental and maintenance practices; and tenant and community expectations will all evolve dramatically during the productive term of any single residential or commercial project.

  • Therefore, the ongoing return on investment, as well as eventual property value, for any real estate venture rest squarely on reputable and knowledgeable asset and property management.

  • While following stringent asset management practices,JE Rumino also believes that the ultimate success of each property under management relies on local knowledge, target marketing and constant attention to detail.

  • JE Rumino managed property must "measure up" to its own investment standards, not just satisfy the overall goals for a portfolio of projects.

  • JE Rumino accepts the responsibility for assuring the net income stream, market value and marketability of each property. Furthermore, responsive management by JE Rumino executives and staff allow for prompt reaction to market trends; immediate resolution of tenant problems or questions; day-to-day monitoring of market conditions; and periodic updates of the overall marketing plan.

  • This "hands-on" management philosophy has earned JE Rumino an outstanding reputation throughout Connecticut with financial institutions, investors and developers; suppliers and contractors; tenants; regulatory officials and local community leaders.

Property Management

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